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Mountain Biking in Flagstaff and Sedona

Northern Arizona is home to numerous mountain biking trails.  Find links to detailed singletrack trail maps here

Flagstaff Mountain Biking News

City of Flagstaff Bicycle Advisory Committee:

Please attend the Flagstaff Bicycle Advisory Committee:  First Thursdays 4:30pm at the city council chambers.

Trail Access in Danger (The "Y" and Buffalo Park areas)

The city of Flagstaff was considering selling two tracts of land that are important access points to trails.  The council wanted to sell the land to buy a new municipal court house.  The public has twice voted against spending money to build the courthouse, so now the Flagstaff city council tried to by-pass the will of the people.  The two tracts of land they want to sell are important to the Flagstaff mountain biking community as well as to all Flagstaff outdoor enthusiasts. 

The first tract is adjacent to Buffalo Park on the West side, and is used by hikers, bikers, cross-country skiers, and kids to access the park.  I propose to add this parcel to Buffalo Park to protect it OR possibly trade part of the land to acquire tracts of land for the Elks Lodge Trail. (This is the social trail everyone uses to travel from N. San Francisco street to Elden Lookout Rd. - it currently crosses several private parcels). 

The second tract is called the 'Y' and is located at the intersection of Elden lookout road and Schultz creek road. The actual part of the 'Y' where people park is the private property of a very generous land owner who lives up the road in the big log cabin.  However the parcel just to the East of the parking area belongs to the city.  It is full of trails leading to the National Forest.  It is THE major point of access directly to this part of the forest for the Flagstaff community. None of the council members even knew what it was, where it was, how the city obtained the parcel or what it is being used for.  This shows how out of touch the council led by Mayor Coral Evans is with the Flagstaff community they are supposed to represent.  (The parcel was formerly a municipal golf course - the Flagstaff city council and presenting staff were completely ignorant of this.  Several of the putting greens are still barren, supposedly due to heavy chemical use decades ago). Earlier in 2013 the council decided not to sell it after public outrage, however, in October 2013, they again considered it for sale.  I propose permanently preserving it for trail use and a possible future dirt parking trail head.  (The current parking situation on private property could go away with a change of ownership).  I do NOT propose giving it to the Forest Service, since they would over-regulate it and possibly even sell/trade it to developers.

Flagstaff Loop Trail

The Around the town Trail (Flagstaff Loop Trail) is almost complete.  When completed the trail will provide over 40 miles of riding that will circumnavigate Flagstaff, providing access from all areas of the city. The concept is an outer loop trail surrounding Flagstaff, with linking trails connecting various parts of the city (the Flagstaff Urban Trail System). For more information visit Flagstaff Biking Organizations site and please attend one of the trail building days in 2018!

Sedona Mountain Biking News

Hiline Trail  and Canyon of Fools one-way travel

Please observe one-way travel on the Hi-line trail and Canyon of Fools trail. 

For Hi-line trail, start at the Slim Shady Trail near Hwy 179 and end at the Baldwin Trail near Crescent Moon park.  One way travel is required on the technical back part of the trail and is recommend on all of the trail, especially on busy weekends.

For the Canyon of Fools trail, please observe one-way travel (downhill).  Hikers:  Please do not enter the lower portion of Canyon of Fools.  It is extremely dangerous to hike in this section due to blind corners.  The lower gully is a downhill biking trail.  While it is legal, it is not wise to hike there and besides, there are no scenic views in the gully! Consider the Mescal trail instead.

Area Closures affecting mountain bikers in Sedona

The Red Rock Ranger District (RRRD) has closed three large areas to off-trail travel.  This includes the Transep trail, among others. Please check with local bike shops for the details.

Social Trail status in Sedona

Currently the RRRD has been adding social trails to the official trail system.  I welcome this with several reservations.  The first is that the long-term plan of the RRRD is to close all remaining social trails and to make cross-country travel illegal. My second reservation is that once the Forest Service adopts and maintains trails, they tend to remove technical sections.  (Schultz Creek trail in Flagstaff is a perfect example). 

Prescott Mountain Biking

Please visit and support the Prescott Mountain Biking Alliance

Trail Etiquette

Remember that mountain bikers must yield to other users.  Stop completely for horse-back riders!

When approaching horses, talk out loud so that horses can recognize you as a human and not a predator.

Downhill riders must yield to uphill riders! 

(Even if you are participating in a sanctioned race, you still must yield to up-hill traffic - no excuses)

Don't ride off trail in Sedona - You will get thorns!

Trail building on your own in the National Forest is illegal, and if you get caught the fines are hefty!
If you do build trails....Don't build trails down the fall line!  Erosion will destroy the trail.  

Learn proper trail building techniques from IMBA! and come out to one of the local trail building days - there is plenty of work to be done on new and existing trail projects that are authorized by the Forest Service. 

Be Kind to everyone! and support these organizations:

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International Mountain Biking Organization graphic and link

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