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Here are some great ideas for better laws in our Country, State, County and City

(This page is continually being review and updated with changes - please help by suggesting new ideas and offering honest criticism)

The Principles behind these ideas:

  • We cannot protect people from themselves, only from others.
  • Fair taxation.
  • Competitive business environment.
  • Protection of the weak and vulnerable members of society.


  • Outlaw "Robo-calls".  No one likes receiving unsolicited automated calls. While politicians did create a federal "do not call" list, they purposefully exempted themselves.  Every election season our home phones are bombarded with pre-recorded political ads. Let's outlaw all unsolicited automated calls, not just to personal phone numbers but also to business phone numbers.
  • Porn Blocking:  Require Internet providers to offer family filtered Internet at the provider's level. This way families can block porn before it even arrives at their home.
  • Indian States:  Create new states out of the larger Native American tribes.  Let the Navajo Nation and others become their own states.  Currently the Navajo Nation is within AZ but is not subject to AZ law.  This is a silly situation and needs to be remedied.  It's time to let the Navajo Nation become our 51st state OR let them truly become part of Arizona by eliminating the concept of the "reservation" and allowing Navajos to own their land and be equal citizens like other Americans.
  • Tax Inequality:  Outlaw giving tax breaks to certain kinds of businesses.  Currently large companies force states and cities to give them special tax breaks that are not available to smaller businesses.  The net result is that small businesses and citizens have to pick up the tax bill for large companies.  It's time to outlaw these special tax breaks at the federal level and thereby create a level playing field for all businesses.
  • One Issue Bills:  Require the federal government to only write bills that address one issue per bill.   This will stop all the pork and non-sense going on at the capital.  It also helps clarify who voted for which issue.  We currently have such a law in AZ and it works great. 


  • Lane Splitting: UPDATE: now allowed in Arizona when traffic is stopped. But let's go further and allow motorcycles AND bicycles to split lanes always, just like they do in California.  Though this may seem scary to car drivers, it is actually safer for the motorcyclists and bicyclcists.
  • +10mph for Motorcycles:  Allow motorcycles to travel up to 10mph faster than surrounding traffic. It is much safer for motorcycles to be passing cars than to be traveling at the same speed or slower. 
  • DWI:  Print the words "NO ALCOHOL" in bright red across the driver's license of anyone convicted of a DWI or not of legal age to purchase alcohol. 
  • Scooters for Drunks:  Allow those convicted of DWIs to still drive scooters under 50cc. 
  • MPG road tax:   Tax cars not on their value but on their estimated MPG.  Better fuel efficiency should equal lower road tax.  Currently we punish buyers of newer more fuel efficient cars by taxing them higher than drivers of old high pollution producing cars.  Electric cars would be exempt initially, but eventually would be taxed based on their electrical consumption.   The idea to eliminate vehicle tax and only have tax at the gas pump does not work as well, since it does not deal with penalizing higher pollution vehicles when they are only used to drive short distances.
  • Car Insurance:  Raise the minimum limits to 50,000/100,000. Arizona's current levels of 10,000/15000 are insufficient to cover repairs to most victim's vehicles or to cover the medical expenses incurred in car accidents.  It is impossible to buy a brand new car for $10,000 yet that is all the coverage that is required.  So under the current laws if someone hits you and totals your $20,000 car, you will only get $10,000 from their insurance or if you end up in the hospital serioualy injured, you only get $15000 from their insurance to cover your bills.
  • No Insurance, No Car:  Currently as many as 45% of Arizonans vehicles have no insurance on them.  This is illegal. Any vehicle operated on the roadway without liability insurance should be immediately impounded until insurance is provided by the owner. Unclaimed vehicles should be sold at auction after 30 days.  Additionally insurance companies should only be allowed to issue insurance cards for the period that has been paid in full.  If someone only pays for one month of insurance, they should only have an insurance card that reflects this.  Too many drivers make a small deposit for insurance, receive a 6 month insurance card and then cancel their policy.  Then when they have a wreck, they hand the legitimate looking insurance card to the victim, when in fact they have no active coverage.
  • Income Tax only:  Income tax is the only fair tax. Other taxes hit the lower and middle income citizens hardest.  Eliminate sales tax at the state level. 
  • Eliminate Property Tax on primary residences.   No one should be taxed every year on their home.  Our current system of Property tax hits the lower classes the hardest and really hurts those who are out of work or retired.  No one should be taxed out of their home.
  • Bicycle lanes:  Require bike lanes along all state roads.   
  • Bicycles and Redlights:  Allow bicyclists to run lights at their own risk.  (It is a waste to be sitting at a light with your bicycle when no traffic is coming the other way).
  • Bicycles and Speed limits:  Eliminate speed limits for bicycles.  Bicycles are NOT deadly weapons, but cars are.  There is no danger resulting from a bicycle going faster than the speed limit.  Plus the stupidity of a cop in a 4000 pound polluting machine pulling over someone on a bicycle for speeding should be obvious.
  • Allow cities/counties to impose a tax on gas to fund transportation infrastructure progams (new roads, bike lanes etc... but not buses).
  • Handguns:  Require greater training and testing for anyone who wants to own or carry a handgun.  Uneducated gun owners are a danger to those around them.  Anyone who accidentally discharges a bullet should loose their gun rights for a set period of time.

Coconino County

  • Redraw county lines:  County lines should be redrawn so that they reflect taxing districts.  Currently Coconino County spans two nations (The USA and the Navajo Nation).  The county cannot tax residents that live on the Navajo Nation portion of the county.  Likewise the Navajo Nation is missing out on potential funds due to being partially incorporated into Coconino County.  The Navajos have supported redrawing county lines along reservation lines.  It is a sensible idea and should be implemented.


  • Buses:  Currently our city bus system costs tax payers every-time someone gets on the bus.   The bus system is broken and a burden.  Bus stops have been designed in such a way that they actually create more traffic congestion.  Let's eliminate it and at the same time allow "shared" taxis.   This works well in other countries.  It costs tax payers nothing and makes taxis affordable for all.  Shared Taxis are allowed to carry multiple passengers to multiple destinations at the same time.  In exchange clients pay significantly less.  With the advent of UBER, the bus system is now completely unnecessary.
  • Eliminate Sales tax except for BBB tax.  This will make shopping local more appealing.

Your Input

If you have a comment, a great idea or some criticism of these ideas, please send them....  Contact Info

If you like these ideas, feel free to copy them and submit them to our politicians, to radio show hosts and in newspaper opinion sections.

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